Webley Shells

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The Webley MkVI is probably my favourite airsoft gun. The only downside is that the shells are easily lost in the heat of battle if they get ejected so a solution is needed. I believe it comes in the form of this block of rubber:


Remove the blu-tac and…


A row of shells are embedded in it.


I removed these and could start casting.


There is going to be a bit of experimentation in the material used for these, first up a silicone rubber:


And the shells:


Then a plastic resin for a harder shell.


When these have been removed, I could clean of the flashing and drill the port through the centre.


These chrono’ed at 280fps with .20s, though obviously drilling a larger hole could be used to increase the fps. The rubber bullets chrono’ed the same but are a bit more tread-proof, though don’t eject as well.


Being white they are easy to see when ejected. In future I may spray the backs with a gold paint so that they look better when the gun is closed.


If you are interested in buying these do let us know on enquiries.vintageairsoft@gmail.com or contact us through our Facebook page. They will be for sale on our Etsy page if there is enough interest.


UPDATE: 16/3/2016: These shells are now available on our Etsy page.

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