Gewehr ’98: Part 1

Custom builds, G98, Rifles, Weapons, WWI, WWII

Another custom build, another load of laser cuttings! Part of the brief for this build is to replace as many of the pot metal parts with steel as possible, so I have a lot of cosmetic work to do on this.


First up is the fore-end, incorporating the bayonet lug.


Bending the fore-end sleeve into place, using a couple of steel tubes and as a wooden die. I then welded the three parts together.


I could then remove the back of the butt stock where it fills the K98k buttstock.


And fit the flat steel replacement butt plate.


I then glued two pieces of straight-grained ash together and planed both to flat.


I could then shape the bottom edge and run a rounded channel down the top for the barrel to sit in. This part will be the new fore-end, bringing the rifle up to the full length it is supposed to be.


Inside the action, two buffers will suspend the inner barrel in the outer barrel.


Next step is to bend the middle band, ends first.


Then bending the rest of the shape around the woodwork.

_DSF7332 And the front band in position, minus the bayonet lug.

So the next steps are: to attach the bayonet lug, fit the new full-length outer barrel, put a straight handle on the bolt, join the stock and fore-end and fill in the spaces on the stock.


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