FG42: Part 2

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Much awaited, the second instalment of the FG42 build! This has been quietly going on in the background when I have had to wait for other parts to dry/cool down/harden.

The pistol grip is pretty much the same as before, the changes are internal mainly, plus the top panels.


This attaches in much the same way as the previous version, though as you can see the receiver is very different.


This is because it is a cradle for a Sten MkII, that will be modified. This means less modifying gearboxes and no need to make a custom hop as the Sten hop is excellent as-is.


The unfinished magazine well. This is a first model, so finish will be a bit rough as this is just to establish exactly where parts need to go and establish the fit.


Like the first model, this takes M14 magazines.


With the barrel in place and the gas tube.


Making the furniture, the original was laminate wood, this version will be as well. Given how little material there is inside the woodwork, this actually makes a lot of sense as it is far less wasteful of materials than solid timber would be.



The sights both fold down to prevent them catching on equipment during the jump.

The foresight block is made of several parts welded together. Three parts make the post, two plate parts and one screw make the ghost ring.


This fits onto the foresight base and tightens up with a screw. The original used a spring-loaded nub and detent to lock in place but it would be prohibitively expensive to make this mechanism as well as the rear sight…

The rear sight is VERY complicated. This is the second model I’ve made, lots of parts go into making this function like the original.

Some stills of the rear sight in location. At the bottom of this article there is also a video of it working.

_DSF7538 _DSF7539 _DSF7542



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