Vz. 24: Build 1

Inter-War (1918-1939), Rifles, Vz.24, Weapons, WWII

The printed parts for this arrived first. The design is based on the K98k I produced previously. 27710779_10156349726138623_307322835_o

The main difference is in the back of the sight, different in shape and in the profile of the notch. The sight base is less the scope mount on the K98k.


The bolt back cap is the same as the other Mausers. Shown here is a bent bolt handle, though I’ll be fitting this rifle with a straight one as per the early Vz24s.


At the front end, I’m using a short section of tube as a place holder for the full length barrel I’ll be putting in later. The top guard has to be custom made to accommodate the VSR and will be quite thin when finished to try and keep the shape as close as possible.


The rear sight base screws into place and should be reasonably solid, given its being surrounded by wood.


The wood around it had to be lowered slightly to give access to the sight. I’ll shape the wood around it.


The foresight, 3D printed and then cast in resin from a silicone mould. The barrel crown holds the front of the inner barrel.


With the addition of the faux cleaning rod this build is coming together very nicely!


The next step is to make modifications to the receiver to make it look right, plus a few details like the wrist sling mount and buttplate.

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