Stopping Rifle: Build 2

Imperial Era, Inter-War (1918-1939), Sporting Arms, Stopping Rifle

At the end of the last post, we were taking a look at the woodwork. Since then I’ve had to take some time out from the workshop but work has not halted!

The rear sight parts have arrived and need some rubbing down and smoothing off before painting up.

27653802_10156349726208623_1462155517_o copy

Back in the workshop, the APS shells have finally arrived and been modified to fit the cartridges. This also gives me an opportunity to do a test fire with most satisfying results!


This was also something of a preview of the finished item. In this shorter format it will make for quite a nice coach gun for suitable games.


Out came the gouge to finish the front of the comb. I went for a very steep scoop on both sides.


The depth of it means that I have a nice reference point at the front of the comb.


The rear sight fitted in place, using the screw thread already built into the gun for the front securing screw and a second one drilled and tapped for the rear screw.


I may have to fill the screw heads, which being Phillips are a bit unsightly.


Each of the leaves folds down and back up nicely, though the front is a little floppy at present. I’ll add some material to increase friction before finishing.


Using the dremmel I etched out an ‘S’ on the tang. When the safety is on, the ‘S’ is visible, when the gun is hot it is covered. Without a positive visual identifier of condition I found this safety design was difficult to check without moving it.


It’s now really starting to take shape.


I need to make a new forestock and buttplate, but these are all finishing touches compared to the rest of the work.



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