Vintage Airsoft August 2018 update


It’s been quite a year at Vintage Airsoft.

For those that haven’t read the ‘about’ page, VA is a one-man-band. As a result, the whole operation is reliant on my own health, personal life and organisation all living in harmony. As many of my followers will know, this year they have not been so and as a result of personal life (bereavements), poor weather in the winter, illness and a short notice workshop move, my organisation has suffered.

At last, things have been on a relatively even keel for a bit (one hopes it remains so). There are some exciting developments which I’m going to share here and some changes to how VA is run to make everything run more smoothly.

Item 1: Duplicating jig

This is exciting. I’ve had this in the works since I started VA and the rails have moved house and workshop with me since I started in my parents’ garage.

This device is at about the MkIII stage, there are still some improvements to make to make it easier to use, but for now this is a major improvement over making every single stock by hand.


Things like this SMLE nose cap go from being hours of intense work, focus and swearing to get right down to around a half hour.


Item 2: Batch manufacture

Making items in batches is far more efficient in terms of time, materials and logistics. As a result, I will be making most items in batches from now on. This will apply to anything I have made in the past that isn’t too weird and wonderful (I’ll never be asked by four people at the same time to make an LMG25 for example), but for things like SMLEs, K98ks etc… I’ll make a batch or two per year or as suits demand.


3. Custom builds

I’m going to formalise my builds waiting list so that there is a specific order for projects to start. Otherwise these projects will be spread between batches and overlapping with one another as they do presently.


4. Foreign shipping

I can now ship abroad (outside the UK) using a specialist courier. It’s very, very expensive for single rifles but I can bring the costs down if I send multiple rifles to a central distributor in a country. I have a man in the US who will process delivery for me at that end as I have many order requests from there, there are several other countries that I may put feelers out to as well if the quantities are high enough.

5. The Site

I have recently been offered an airsoft site and, as a dream opportunity, I have accepted. This is an entirely separate venture to VA, but there will naturally be some crossover.


It’s almost a blank canvas, but the group of us involved have already made a strong start.


You can join the C3 group here if you want to come and play with us in Monmouthshire, UK. 


That’s all for now, back to building airsoft guns!