We are based in the UK, but have had clients abroad and are happy to deal with anyone providing their country’s legal system allows us to deal with them!

You can contact us by email:

We are always happy to discuss speculative projects and we will be delighted to hear from you!

15 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I know it sounds like a bad idea but if you could try have a look at the Chauchat french lmg. It will be a challenge but I would like to see more WW1 weapons. Nice job on the Kukri I might add.


    1. I reckon the Chauchat would be quite doable as an airsoft gun, the most difficult bit would be making it as unreliable as the original! If someone commissions one I would jump at the chance.


  2. Hello. I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube and reading on your website about the mp28. I’m from the U.S and was wondering if you guys made a kit to convert my Sten to a mp28. I’ve wanted to do this even before I got the Sten but my building skills are not the greats when it comes to conversion kits. Thank you mad have a nice day!


    1. Hi Ben, I can provide parts to convert a Sten to an MP28, but they will require some fitting and finishing your end. I’m also more than happy to do the work over here and ship the whole thing out to you.


      1. I have a sten that I could send to you to do the conversion to cut down on the cost. If that’s fine with you


  3. Greetings, i have been lurking around this website for some time, and i must say that i have been very impressed with the custom builds, keep up the good work!

    I have long been thinking of commissioning a gun for myself, There are two specific, and largely unknown guns that i am very interested in, firstly, the M31 “Suomi” smg, and secondly, the Lahti-Saloranta m26 lmg.

    So, i have been wondering, would an aeg version of either be in the realm of possibility, and how much would the cost of commissioning either one be?


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