Kukri- Floppy replica!

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When showing off the original kukri replica, a good number of people commented that on their airsoft sites don’t allow for solid melee weapons and that they have to be flexible.

The people spoke, we listened! As a result, this foam cast version is now available on our brand new etsy page.

_DSF6362Original resin model bottom, foam above.


Flexible enough for safe use in the field!


So, we hope you like it! If you want to buy your own kukri you can do so here.

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2016: What to expect:


Well, the first year for Vintage Airsoft is over. We’ve come a long way and learned a lot!

The next year has a lot more to offer. We’ll be finishing off a couple of projects from 2015 before working on the next few builds, but there’s a lot to be excited about!

Anti-tank airsoft weapons are currently… well there’s no way of avoiding it: dire. We’re hoping to improve on what is available over the next twelve months…

Yes, we are STILL working on a decent bolt-action rifle. We are getting there with it though! If you want to help with this build we are selling off a deactivated Arisaka T99 on behalf of a client. Let us know if you are interested on the email address at the bottom of the post.


We also hope to do more history and firearms development articles on the blog. Although we have covered a handful of major historical events, most history and firearms content is on our Facebook page. We’ll try and get more content up here as well.

Hopefully we will find a suitable platform for selling our wares so that you can access them more easily, eBay and Co. don’t do so well on these things so if you are a seller who would like to sell on our products let us know.

Now, the big message.


We want to make gun shaped stuff, but we need YOUR help to do it. If you like the stuff we make, let us know! Maybe even buy it! The more we sell, the more guns we can make. If you can’t buy it just yet, share us everywhere people may be interested.

And always feel free to drop us an email on: enquiries.vintageairsoft@gmail.com to ask a question, give feedback or just for a general chat. We love to hear from you.

Thanks for everything in 2015, here’s to another!