So, this page is a quick to view portfolio of finished projects so you can see what might be possible and what products we have designed already. You can now buy most of our kits on Etsy.

To see our blades page go HERE.

For rifles HERE.

Webley/airsoft revolver shells

Replacement shells for your airsoft revolver, available on Etsy in several types HERE.


And take a look at our Webley shell demo video:


Sten Kits

Kits that can be used to temporarily change your Sten setup. All of these are reversible.

Knurled screw replacement. This ‘button’ allows you to remove and replace your stock in the field without the use of tools. This is obviously an improvement on the hex head bold that comes as standard with the gun both in terms of functionality and aesthetically. £8
_DSF6618_DSF6617 _DSF6619

Sten MkV (foregrip and stock unit). £145.

Sten MkV kit V1.1.

Sten flat steel loop stock (with/without stick battery holder). £55.

_DSF5309 copy

V0.2 Sten loop stock: New battery holder in spring steel rather than plastic.


Sten suppressor model (for Sten MkIIS and MkVI) New version for people with permanently fitted heat guards. £50

Sten Suppressor Model. V1.1

Sten Suppressor Model. V1.1

Sten pistol grip £40


ASG Sten safety mechanism. £45 fitted PP with original bolt handle. New bolt handle £10.

_DSF6336 _DSF6335



Inert Welrod for re-enacting. Oil blacked and painted finish. Steel body, plastic ‘bakelite’ grip like the original. £150

_DSF5915 _DSF5916



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