K98k: Complete

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The VSR K98k is now finished, and she is a pretty one.


From the outside, the only major giveaway that this is not a real K98k is the VSR magwell in the belly. The eagle-eyed may notice the bolt handle being set back a little (alas unavoidable). 


The oil blued barrel fits in with the existing metalwork and furniture nicely. As it dulls with age it will fit in better.


The 3D printed rear sight, which is part of the kit I will be offering people who want to do their own K98k conversion


The back cap looks the part, even if it doesn’t function. It is certainly an improvement on the original VSR cap!


Likewise the bolt stop, has no function on this but really adds to the replica. For the uninitiated to the Mauser system, this catch holds and releases the bolt during use and disassembly respectively.



If you are interested in the history of the K98k, you can check out the introduction article here, or see the whole build process here.

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