Vintage Airsoft Update April 2019


It’s been an intense few years, Vintage Airsoft has been growing bit by bit, step by step.

As many of my long-term followers no doubt know, last year was a long and arduous one for me personally, causing me to struggle with keeping on top of orders. In spite of that I managed to dispatch more items than every before, develop a number of new products and produce a number of custom builds._DSC9419

I am now, finally, in my own premises. These are the biggest I have had so far and being my own I can really organise them as I would like. This means I am starting to build up quantities of stock on some products and components which will in due course help to speed up dispatch.


I have also started stocking BBs from The Draft Club. This British based company makes lovely BBs, the heavier weights are what I use in my rifles and I highly recommend them.


You can find them on the WEBSITE! I’ve had this a couple of months but haven’t promoted it while I find my way around. If you want to support Vintage Airsoft then this is the place to buy as I pay the lowest fees here.


This year I’ll be making changes to the way I take orders for custom builds, reducing the number I take on so that I can undertake strict testing of new designs before release. 

I would like to thank my wonderful customers for their patience through the rather messy and prolonged move.


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