The DeLisle Commando Carbine: Complete

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This project is one I’ve been wanting to do since forever and the outcome is very satisfying.


This VSR based carbine should be a very nice balance of practical and handsome. The receiver has been left quite plain, at some point I would like to do another with the receiver all milled out like the original. This will have to wait for now as it will require extensive modifications to make it secure.


As you can see, the bolt handle has been dropped down around the right location. The bolt back cap on this one has been 3D printed, but I am likely going to replace this with a milled one for strength and durability.


The foresight, which is adjustable for windage to a limited extent.


The 3D printed front cap. You can also see the barrel poking out. Although I could have made it shorter than this, it would have ended up being incredibly short and every millimetre helps with a barrel of this length.


The rear sight, adjustable for elevation. The hop adjustment is under this, a TDC screw modification.


The faux magazine is 3D printed and quite solid. If this model proves popular I may make it in black hard rubber instead. _DSC8939

The buttplate is a rubber cast, as originals are getting prohibitively rare and expensive.


Finally a quick bottom view, the VSR magazine well in the foregrip and cut out re-enforcing band. The grain on these bits of wood are particularly lovely and you can see them in this picture.



If you are interested in this build you can see the rest of the project here. If you have an idea of your own, drop us a line on to discuss. ‘Like’ our Facebook page or follow the blog to get regular updates on projects and interesting videos and articles.


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