PZB-39: Build 1

Anti-Tank, Custom builds, PZB-39 Rifle, Weapons, WWII

After some extensive design work, laser cut parts and some timber start off the build!


I started by bending the buttplate components. Part of this folds down to make a more compact package. I designed this with tabs and etched lines to make folding as precise and easy as possible. I could then weld the parts in place to maintain they shape and increase the strength of the parts.


I then welded the inner pieces of the receiver and the buttstock hinge unit.


This pivots to shorten the length of the weapon to make it *slightly* more portable, such as anti-tank rifles ever are.


A piece of steel tube makes the rest of the back of the unit. It will be welded onto the top part of the buttplate. Here you can see the outer plates of the receiver in place, which stops the stock from folding up over the gun when in use.


The pistol grip and trigger guard unit. In the original this is used to open the breech and eject the spent case. In this version sadly it won’t be possible to do this, but it will be used for disassembly.


For the front end, the bipod unit is coming together, to keep it light and strong the legs and feet are thin gauge steel plate, folded and welded into shape. These will then be attached to the hinge which is thicker steel for strength.



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