Vz. 24: Complete

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The Vz.24, VSR base. Like the K98k builds, this was destined to be a pretty gun.


This build has used a lot of original parts, which really adds to the air of authenticity.


The straight bolt handle and cut back top guard is reminiscent of the very early Vz series.


The rear sight is 3D printed, as needs must to fit the VSR base.


It is adjustable for elevation, underneath the sight leaf is the TDC hop adjustment.


The Mauser back cap and locking block are almost identical to the K98k model.


The opposite side, where you can see the alternative sling arrangement. Rather unusually for the era, this rifle has several sling mounting options that allow the rifle to be shoulder or back slung fairly comfortably.


The middle band is original, a rather pleasing feature. The lower swivel was surprisingly tricky to find.


The wrist swivel. An unusual location, but fine so long as you’re not left handed.


This rifle was started while I was still using my MkI steel VSR magwells. As a result, it still has this model. Future versions will use my MkII magwell.


The buttplate, which interestingly is interchangeable with the G98.



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