New pattern K98k and K98k scoped

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Most of the previous model of VSR K98k has been carried over to the new design, the only major change is the magazine well.


But I never pass up the opportunity to share more pictures of pretty pewsticks.




The rear sight unit and, concealed beneath the leaf, the hop adjustment grub screw for the TDC.


The 3D printed foresight block and oil-finished barrel.


The new VSR magazine well (MkII, printed) is far neater and more intuitive to use than its predecessor.


Sniper Variant

Loosely based on the ZF39 mounted rifles, this was an inexpensive workaround to buying and fitting an original or repro scope and mounting system. While that is something I would like to do, this is good for the player who wants to snipe in style on a bit more of a budget.


The sight hood is included with the standard K98ks as well, but suits the scoped rifles particularly well.


The scope mounts have been modified to look slightly less modern. Square edges have been rounded off, hex screws replaced with oil-finished slotted screws and the chunky thumbscrew replaced with nuts.


The buttplate has been chequered for extra grip. This could be neater, unfortunately the buttplate curved across its face as well as down the length which I didn’t expect and this threw me off.


Several of the K98k stocks I have received recently have had shorter-than standard hand guards. In order to ensure a secure fit I have made a polymorph hand guard retaining piece.


And last but not least, a custom reticle for the scope. You can’t have a German Sniper rifle without a German Post. This is a prototype, I’m looking to get some laser cut for a sharper profile.


If you are interested in the history of the K98k, you can check out the introduction article here, or see the whole build process here.

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